Exclusive Service

Exclusive Special Effects Coating

Bidding farewell to the traditional idea of solid wall colours and mundane visuals, Tai Thong lets you customize the walls with a mesmerizing special effect as well as glorious textures that can enhance the vibe of the whole space.

Sophisticated Special Effects

Our sophisticated special effects paints can work wonders in creating numerous effects including additional layers of glaze, zigzags, crinkle, dapple, weaving, canvas, spatula, colour-wash, ragging, sponging, combing, brushing, unique texture rollers, a combination of two or more effects, as well as brand new paint effects right from the very scratch!


Exclusive Products

Also, we use a blend of different in-house local and overseas products to achieve the special effect or the kind of texture paint that's requested.

Although, exclusive products and equally exclusive effects cost a bit extra than the standard collection of special effects coatings, but the end results are totally worth the investment. Tai Thong Interior and Trading LLP works in close coordination with your costing requirements and offer you the best-inmarket quotations for your residential, commercial and industrial design projects.

Our Exclusive Special Effects Coating Lineup

With our range of exclusive special effects coating, you are no longer limited to a bundle of choices that we offer for the different surfaces. Instead, this lineup of Tai Thong works towards dedicating our time and effort in catering to the specific design requirements of our customers.

Most architects and designers seek to imitate a sample effect that they already have on hand or in mind, often requesting for a one-of-a-kind piece of work. That's exactly what our exclusive lineup specializes in has kept us in the business for more than 30 years. We can follow a sample that's provided by you or simply take your vision into close consideration, further bringing the same to life.

Our skilled professionals have years of experience and just the right skills required to get the task done, right from mixing a whole range of hues and shades of different colours, working with varied product specifications as well as numerous application techniques to yield what you ask for.

You can always go through our lineup of pre-created samples that feature a large variety of effects to choose from and can be customized in terms of the colour or the textures, as well as request something entirely out of your imagination or an existing sample that you possess.