What are Special Effects Coatings?

The term ‘special effects' brings to mind dramatic movie scenes with impossible effects and stunts. Special effects coatings, though dramatic, have nothing to do with the film industry but are instead a range of paints, pigments and plaster-based products which are applied to surfaces to provide a unique and distinctive finish. These products are produced globally by a range of manufacturers and are expertly applied by tradesmen who are trained in creating these stunning finishes. There are a wide range of special effect coating finishes that can be achieved and a specialist like Tai Thong Interior and Trading LLP will be able to direct you to the products and decorative effects that will work for your project.

Include special effect and coatings finishes as part of your property development project

Whether you are undertaking a residential or commercial building, renovation or decoration project, special effects coatings are a superb way of making your property or premises more luxurious and atmospheric. Many of the disciplines necessary for the application of special effects coatings have their roots in Old World decorative crafts such as the rich and opulent Venetian plaster effects that come from Italy. Indeed Tai Thong Interior and Trading LLP are able to create a range of outstanding specialist plaster finishes that would not look out of place in any of the world's finest properties. Our workmanship can be found in a number of Singapore's leading hotels and resorts as well as the world famous Universal Studios.

Architects, interior designers and property developers who are looking for ways to make their design project stand out should certainly consider including decorative effects and finishes as part of their plans. Tai Thong Interior and Trading LLP consult globally on the creation of exceptional buildings and interiors and our expert team of tradesmen can work alongside building contractors and other tradesmen as part of your property project.

Special effects coatings and finishes are not just for large-scale or commercial projects. We work on jobs of any size including domestic and residential interior decoration jobs where a homeowner wants to create something special.

Create distinctive surface coatings and furniture finishes with Tai Tong Interior and Trading

Our specialist coatings are not just for ceilings and walls. We can produce a range of completely custom finishes for flooring and furnishing too. Mr Yew Lye Hock, founder of Tai Thong Interior and Trading Company has over three decades of experience in creating a vast portfolio of exquisite decorative finishes for surfaces of all kinds. Our company has real experience and understanding of how special effects coatings can transform the ambience, mood or atmosphere of a space, coordinating all decorative aspects of your property for maximum impact.

Include Tai Thong Interior and Trading Company as part of your next property project

If you are looking to undertake a property project and need a decorative effects contractor with skill, attention to detail and ability to produce consistently outstanding results, we are the company of choice. We source our materials globally and are constantly innovating our techniques and skills. We are well referenced with a burgeoning portfolio of completed work we would be delighted to share with you. Our team is able to visit you and view your proposed plans or assess your property if it is already built. We can demonstrate the effects that can be achieved and work effectively to time and budget. Contact us today.