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Special Effect Wall Paint

One of the key ways in which you can enhance the interior or exterior finish of your property is by the application of a specialist wall paint to create an exceptional decorative effect. These special paints have been developed to produce a range of stunning effects including:

Pearlescent glaze wall paint, Metallic finish wall paint, Glitter wall paint, Concrete effect wall paint, Marble effect wall paint, Stone finish paint, Bi-coloured paint finishes.

Most of these beautiful paints are commercially available but for best effect they are used by special effects coatings contractors who are adept at applying them for maximum effect and durability. Special effects paint finishes are an amazing way of taking your property decor to the next level or enhancing the scale and class of a property development or renovation project. Specialists like us are able to direct enquirers of all kinds to the products that will work best for their property.

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