About Us

About The Company

Tai Thong Interior & Trading Company founded by Mr. Yew Lye Hock with more than 25 years of experience specializes in decorating surface finishing and special paint effects.

Tai Thong expertise in decorating wall, floor, ceiling & furniture finishes in numerous ways using the common material of paints and tools. With the help of decorative finishes, it is an ideal effect to create mood in a room, background ambience, transform that once dull living or workspace into fun, relaxing and enjoyable place to be.

We serve the commercial, industrial and residential; offer full range of special paint and coating effects.

Our decorative paint-effects and products include: Wood effects, Brush effect, Marbling effect, Metal leaf effect, Sponging effect, Color flake, etc.

We strive to provide customer's satisfaction through our years of experiences and professional services.